My Super Strict Dating Standards Were A Huge Mistake — Here’s Why You Should Stop Following Yours

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Unrealistic dating standards free dating sites in derbyshire In an effort to find someone I actually clicked with, I came up with a set of standards that any new guy needed to meet. Some of my friends had specific rules and very high expectations. In comparison, I felt like mine were relatively simple. I absolutely did not want to date someone who was younger than me, as I had previous terrible experiences with that situation. I wanted my future boyfriend to have a job in Manhattan so that we could commute to work together, then get after-work drinks in a cool spot, obviouslydress in a stylish and mature way, and have a set of fun friends I could easily fit in with I really wanted us to have an inner circle together.

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Mar 29 2017 Ah, dating. Pretty much everyone has something to say about it, so you know what that means. lots and lots of BS. Don't get me wrong; some people actually know what they're talking about... Now, I don't claim to be an expert by any means, but as someone who spends an excessive amount of time on social media — even for a Millennial's standards — I see the most popular pieces of advice, mostly in the form of viral tweets. Some of the myths around dating are just not worth the hype, though, and I can tell they create totally unrealistic expectations.

The INSANE expectations of women - Female gender roles have gone nuts!

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Dating Standards Of Millennial Men

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