Unequally Yoked: A Persecution Complex, Context, and Fear

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Unequally yoked taken out of context inner circle selective dating As you know, in the church today it is the norm to take Scripture out of context and apply it wherever you wish to make your point. In 2 Corinthians 6.16—7.1 it almost seems that Paul is doing this very thing. We know that the passages he is quoting are about Israel and yet in 7.1 he says that they are our promises as well. I know that there is an explanation to this that I am missing. I would appreciate your help, Brother.

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All sixty-six books were inspired and authored by the Holy Spirit of God using 40 human instruments. Orthodox Christianity believes that in the Scriptures in their original manuscripts are without error and fault. This Bible is not merely a collection of quotes or one-liners but is literally the Word of God. When the Scriptures speak, God is speaking.

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Unequally yoked with unbeleivers QUESTION. Being unequally yoked with unbelievers Second Corinthians 6.14 , includes the subject of marriage - But does it also mean that as Christians we should not be unequally yoked with people who are not Christians? That passage of Scripture Second Corinthians 6.14 has been applied to many, many situations — and taken to unusual extremes in some cases. Let me try to break it down as I understand the verse. Second, what does the term mean? It would be like trying to hitch, or yoke, a donkey and giraffe together to pull a wagon.

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We are continuing our study of verses most commonly taken out of context. The majority of times I have heard this verse quoted out of context is when well-meaning brethren or believers are showing that Paul teaches that a Christian must not marry a non-Christian. There are a few reasons why reading this passage this way is a misuse of the passage… II. Paul does not mention marriage or husband and wife relationships in this epistle, let alone in this chapter.