History buffs roast costumes in new Robin Hood film

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New robin hood movie outfits best devotions for dating couples The rich are the enemy, the poor must be protected. Taron Egerton brings the Eggsy energy to Robin Hood. Robin Hood, despite being a period piece that features Call of Duty-style action and the rapid-fire editing style of the Jason Bourne movies, feels neither new nor unheard of.

Such variety is proof there is no definitive way to mount a film based on the character. Any telling of the Robin Hood story is not a history lesson, so what makes one approach better than the others is how much the story, characters and players entertain. Director Otto Bathurst Black Mirror opted to make his Robin Hood a production that embraces all the common elements of the story of Robin of Loxley Taron Egerton , Marian Eve Hewson and all the supporting players including the evil Sheriff of Nottingham Ben Mendelsohn but presented with a modern touch. Bathurst presents a story set in the Middle Ages where elements from firefights to wardrobe appeal to a modern audience.


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