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Jag episodes season 1 danger dating huntsville al Even if you are watching the DVD set, this site episdoes help piece together the interwoven plots, recurring actors, back references, and subtle sub-plots. And, they are still being updated today as fans continue to offer corrections and enhancements. Much of the time they reveal things that you may have missed, especially if there is more than one plot line. Also, a US Navy consultant helped assure the technical accuracy of the episodes and even the ribbons the characters wore on their uniforms.

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However, while many original series tend to be more iconic than the spinoff series, JAG is a little different. Many casual fans are unaware that NCIS was, in fact, a spinoff. So what are the cast members of JAG doing now?

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Между кадрами актер ни с того ни с сего переоделся спасибо монтажеру и континьюти. Доктор Пэйтон Уэстлэйк находится на пороге грандиозного открытия: он заканчивает эксперименты по созданию искусственной человеческой кожи.

JAG Intro (Pilot)

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