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Dating around discussion so tired of online dating Who are these guys who want to be on TV? For the most part, though, Basra was satisfied with the dates, which were carried out over the course of a week. I keep in touch with most of them," Basra said.

Email The premise of Netflix's new reality show Dating Around , streaming now, is simple. A single person goes on a series of blind dates, and by the end they choose one prospect to move forward with. If that sounds boring or reductive, stay with me—because this series is anything but. You have to make it past episode one, though, which features your standard 27-year-old bro having dinner and drinks with five different women. It's cringe-y and awkward—which may be the point—but things really pick up in episode two. That's when we meet an Indian woman who shuts down her ignorant white male date.

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