Seven Rules of Dating Cuban Women

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Cuban dating customs my boyfriend left me for another girl will he come back Eventually the restless Italian on the bus from Cienfuegos to Havana slumped into the seat across from mine. There he sprawled out and fell asleep, unaware that one pink testicle had wriggled free of his tiny swimming shorts. As I tried to avoid eye contact with the errant gonad I realised that this guy, with his swagger and dangle, understood Cuba far better than I did. I was the one struggling to make sense of the place.

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Thank you to so many honest stories on this website. There are goods, bads and terribles. Been reading quite a bit of posts regarding con men and scamming relationships here, so I'm well aware of the situation.

LOVE for SALE (Amor en Vender) - CUBA !!!

And how not to be cheated and ripped off by a Cuban lover. Fall in love with a Cuban guy is so easy especially for us European girls. They are so different that the man we are use to, so exotic. Dark skin so much sun in Cuba , brown eyes, Spanish accent, salsa moves it just works for us.

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The pros and cons of marriage in Cuba share Print Most Cubans see marriage as something formal, empty, and without any practical sense. When you ask Cubans about the pros and cons of marriage, they smile at first, but then get serious, as if they were viewing a tragicomedy.