Belgium's independence

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Belgian revolution date what to expect when dating an asian girl This new state was ruled by King William I. Although his policy was beneficial to the Belgian bourgeoisie, there was protest. The Catholics objected against the interference of the protestant king in clerical matters. The Liberals demanded more freedom.

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The Belgians revolted in 1830, and created their own state in November 1831. Army at the ready The army camp at Rijen. Netherlands, c.

Save to wishlist Save to Wishlist Nowadays when people talk about Belgium, the first thoughts that come to their mind are Bruges, chocolate, waffles, fries, beer, and Brussels as the center of the EU. While these stereotypes are well-known around the world, few are familiar with the history of Belgium and the origins of its name. But what does Belgae stand for and where did these tribes come from? What about their origin? As far as origin is concerned, there were huge debates among scholars, historians and researchers on whether Belgaes were really Celtic, Germanic or mixed tribes.

Belgian Revolution Independence

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