What to do When a Girl Flakes on You

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What to do if a girl flakes on you twice seduction techniques male psychology We set up a date a few weeks ago and she just bailed on me. Her reason was that she had been out drinking the night before and was still too hungover and sick to go at 7pm the next night. There have been a few instances where we were supposed to hang out with groups of people since that date, but every time, plans change at the last minute, or something comes up on her end. We were supposed to hang out last night—something casual, just getting pizza and hanging out. And when I asked her earlier in the day if we were still on for tonight, she completely played dumb and just said that she forgot about it, even though she was the one to suggest it the night before.

when she flakes at the last minute

It sucks, that I understand. There are many different opinions on how to handle a woman when she acts this way which makes this problem somewhat EASY to deal with BUT it can also make it very confusing as to choosing which is the right one for you. They are. Get mad or angry and call her out on it. Asking why or make her feel bad for doing it. Seek revenge or play a game with her.

when she flakes at the last minute

No matter what the excuse is. Many men deal with flaking the wrong way. They either blow up on the woman or tell her everything is okay. Some men may even begin chasing the woman by texting her repeatedly to reschedule.

Quick & Dirty - How to Deal with Flakes!




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