Lala Kent Goes Public With Married Boyfriend!

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Was lala dating a married guy dating websites for felons First, she went public with her very wealthy, very mysterious boyfriend, Randall Emmett. Then the two got engaged on September 1 during a birthday trip to Cabo San Lucas no, the Bravo cameras were not rolling. Her dad passed away in April.

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It turns out that, for several years, the singer had been dating Hollywood producer Randall Emmett. They've kept their romance private for the most part, but in an interview with Us Weekly on June 15, Lala Kent's comments on her boyfriend prove that the producer and the reality star really might be together forever. Emmett and Kent attended the premiere of Gotti, Emmett's latest film, and spoke to Us Weekly — together! Kent and her man gave a joint interview to Us Weekly. It wasn't just about the film, either; the two dished on their relationship.

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