9 Surprising Facts About Netflix’s Internal Ratings You Didn’t Know

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Tv-ma netflix meaning pof.com.au dating A concoction of hormonal impulses and moral dilemmas, it can be daffy and even a little dumb, but it has some thematic ambition, a talented cast, eventful episodes and a core mystery that may keep you hanging on through its 10-episode first season, even when you know the answers will be less interesting than the questions. We are in West Ham, Conn. While it is supposedly being sorted out, five busloads of high school students "over the age of 16" are packed off on a field trip and awaken, after some spooky bad weather turns them around, in what appears to be their hometown, but without any of the people they left behind. The smell is gone too.

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For me, an in-house Netflix movie was best represented by the string of poorly-reviewed Adam Sandler comedies that I had never been tempted enough to watch on my own. Sure, I knew they existed — it's hard not to, considering how frequently Netflix uses its marquee spot now to blast its original productions to viewers — but for the most part, those movies took a backseat in my viewing queue, compared to the platform's more well-known TV shows. It was hard for me to name a Netflix original movie off the bat, even harder for me to actually sit through one. For every "Okja," which I saw and liked, there seemed to be numerous other Netflix movies that were more akin to "Death Note," which I exited after five minutes of watching. And since those movies rarely popped up on my Netflix page, I had always assumed that it was the same case for everyone.

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