Urban sphere of influence and urban hierarchy

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Sphere of influence definition geography 2 month dating anniversary gift ideas Every urban centre, irrespective of the size of population and the nature of function, has a region of influence. Generally speaking, as the size of the population increases, the multiplicity of functions increases. As a result, the influence zone is larger and vice versa.

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As above plus home grounds of sports clubs football, rugby, hockey, athletics grounds Capital city National sports centre for selected sports As above, but for national teams Transport facilities The existence of good transport links can significantly extend the sphere of influence of a tourist or sports facility. For example, most major sports stadia have public transport hubs adjacent to them, such as railway stations. In the UK, local government is responsible for ensuring that facilities are placed within easy reach of local people. The table below shows the expected journey time for people to reach different services, such as local services like a post box or a public telephone , bus stops or basic health and education services such as a family doctor or an elementary school. According to the guidance, a 5 minute walk corresponds to 400 metres for a non-disabled person.

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Spheres of Influence

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