Late-Night Fun at Arizona Attractions

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Night activities in phoenix dating group activities The downtown neighborhood covers a hundred blocks which positively vibrate with life. Downtown Phoenix has exciting nightlife, superb sports facilities, first-class retail nihgt as well as museums and art galleries galore. Board the helicopter at the Falcon Field Airport, just outside of the city, strap yourself in and don your headphones before taking off for the ride of your life. Fly over the Valley of the Sun, then watch as the landscape changes from desert to urban spread as the flight circles above Downtown. CityScape Source. facebook.

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In Arizona, nighttime is fun time. Even attractions that normally close early come alive. Discover more to do during extended hours. About the author Elena Acoba Since moving to Tucson in 1988, freelance writer Elena Acoba has enjoyed traveling to the four corners of Arizona. Her favorites spots in her adopted state. the natural wonders and the rich historical sights.

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Go for a hike up Camelback Mountain or Piestewa Peak. Admission's free on Thursdays and on the second Saturday of every month. Play up your competitive side at Phoenix's old-school arcades. Explore the thrift and vintage shops along the Melrose Curve.

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