Exploring Los Angeles like the stars of Netflix's 'Love'

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Netflix love season 3 filming locations best online dating app tinder The Crown It has been a good fortnight for royal-watchers. Two weeks ago, we had the announcement of Prince Harry's engagement to Megan Markle, with all the attendant applause and excited chatter about wedding days and dress designers that this inevitably triggered. There are a couple of obligatory caveats here - that the show has taken a liberty or two with hard historical fact; that it seasons its storylines with the occasional burst of sensationalism. But there is no doubt that it has been an enormous hit - on both sides of the Atlantic. And if its return to your flat-screen this evening is a cause for anticipation and excitement, then the obvious next move is to see where it was filmed.

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Anglophiles will be paying as much attention to the sets as the story lines, a fact creator and screenwriter Peter Morgan knew all too well when he enlisted the celebrated production designer Martin Childs—who won an Academy Award for best art direction for Shakespeare in Love—to bring the past to life. They tell the story in movement and dialogue, inviting me and my team to create a world in which that story can believably take place. There is a scene in Season One, for example, when Elizabeth is preparing for a meeting, and Philip suddenly realizes he is not wanted. He's Diane Keaton in The Godfather. The room's character—its centuries of exclusive antiquity—adds to our perception of his sense of exclusion.

Visiting "I Love Lucy"- Stage 9 (Seasons 3-6)--Desilu Cahuenga!!-- Filming Studio

Please check out my privacy policy and disclosure for more information. For fans of French period dramas, the recent series of Versailles likely needs no introduction. And why not?

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Exploring Stranger Things Filming Locations!

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