Donald Daters, new app for Trump supporters, aims to 'Make America Date Again'

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Make america date again the departed imdb full cast We were but twenty minutes in, and he happened to be right. I mean that, literally. What were the odds, but there I was in Riverside Park with a Jewish man from the Upper West Side, in publishing no less, and he turned out to be for Trump.

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Yet a lot of young Trump supporters have already found it difficult to find dates , either out and about or online. So, the only alternative to this problem is to invent their own dating network where their love of the president can go unchallenged and without scrutiny. Donald Daters is such a site where their right-wing inclinations can flourish just like they do everywhere else on the internet and maybe, just maybe, they'll find the person of their dreams. It also has the witty and innovative tagline of 'Make America Date Again. A description of the app reads. Donald Daters is an American-based singles community connecting lovers, friends, and Trump supporters alike.

KEEP AMERICA GREAT: President Trump Lets Crowd Decide Campaign Slogan

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Inside The Trump MAGA Hat Factory

RIGHTER Make America Date Again

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