Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Love marriage plus points casually dating definition Marriage is a divine bond between two people that is meant to be unbroken forever. In India, matrimony does not only bind two people but also two families. Today, Indian marriages are always more of arranged marriages as Love marriages are considered a taboo.

Share2 13 Shares Since ages, there has been a conflict between people regarding which is best among love marriage and arranged marriage. This has been one of the most arguable topics in the society for a very long time. Some are in favor of love marriage while others are against it because of some disadvantages. People have considered love marriage as a taboo in the society, but now the time has changed. Today, youngsters broke the ritual of arranged marriage, which has led to a significant increase in the no.

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Marriage can be either arranged by parents or two individuals can choose their respective life partners. Love marriage is based on affection, love and mutual interest.

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Feedly The importance of marriage Every culture in the world gives importance to marriage. The amount of importance varies but the basic definition remains the same. Marriage is an institution in which interpersonal relationships like sexual and intimate are acknowledged.