Life After a Company Liquidation

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Liquidating a company and starting again dating apps australia reddit Can I close a company with debts and start again? Reviewed. 11th January 2019 As the director of a company which is failing due to unmanageable amounts of debt, you may be considering liquidation in order to start a new business, without the worry of outstanding debt, poor reputation and unhealthy relationships with creditors. Due to debt levels and low http://gryng.me/california/best-online-dating-chat-rooms.php flow, this may xompany difficult to secure as your business poses a higher risk of non-payment.

But there are some things to be concerned about. You are not alone Firstly, being a director of a company that enters liquidation is a very common thing. Since the global financial crisis, corporate insolvency numbers have run at about 10,000 a year. Liquidators are required to report to ASIC if they suspect any offences, or if creditors will get less than 50 cents in the dollar.

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It is possible of course that a solvent company may be liquidated simply to bring a full stop to the life of the firm and in this case the directors other business interests will continue unabated. But if a company goes into liquidation due to insolvency then it is a different matter. Whilst winding up a limited company means the end of the legal entity that is the company this is no reason to think that the actual business of the firm needs to stop. In fact, it is a more common occurrence than people think for a business to close but for the trading style, brand and assets of the firm to continue.

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