The Kizer Ray Laconico Gemini Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

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Kizer gemini left handed dating a man with an ex wife Likes Received. 4,081 No better way to kick of a new year than with another knife review. Since i mostly received very positive comments regarding earlier presentations I feel somewhat encouraged to do it again! But I don't mind critique and feedback as well.

His style is simplistic, but with a very unique aesthetic that sticks out on a table full of titanium knives. Kizer also has been making ripples in the EDC cutlery world, largely because of the fact that they seem to have mastered the ability to partner with custom knife makers and create extremely high quality versions of their knives. Kizer makes a more affordable Vanguard series version of the Gemini.

Kizer Tomcat Knife (Ki4450Ti1)

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