'How I Met Your Mother': Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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How i met your mother break up episodes nathan fillion firefly gif Ted ends his relationship with Zoey, and the audience is more relieved than sad CBS Since the beginning of How I Met Your Episoeds, co-creators and college friends Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have always taken on the task of writing the important episodes. This means they write the season opener, the season finale, and a few in between. They usually give minor hints about that pesky mother question, but always involve Big Life Decisions, like Lily leaving Marshall for art school at the end of Season 1, and Robin and Ted breaking up due to irreconcilable life goals at the end of Season 2.

Email Last night I caught the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother , and first of all, can I just say it is inspiring me to get the heck on with my own life? Because Ted's inability to just get over Robin already has made me realize that I am probably boring all my friends to tears sorry buddies! But I did catch an interesting tip for surviving a break up in there...

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