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Gravity falls wiki characters how to start an online dating site Sunday, June 12, 2016 Thematic Analysis. Gravity Falls "Gravity Falls" is a brilliantly written television series with thrilling mysteries and relatable characters, but its impressive storytelling prowess goes beyond perfectly executed plot twists and clever jokes. Like other artistic works of comparable creative caliber, underneath its fun, polished exterior of heart and humor lies a narrative of substantial depth, nuanced character developments and complex, thoughtful messages. Here's my personal take on the themes and messages behind the series; just keep in mind that this is simply one of infinite possible interpretations, and that there are major spoilers ahead. It's a coming-of-age tale told through two siblings at the turbulent age of twelve, the time where link sun is setting on childhood with the irreversible onset of puberty. a daunting challenge the twins eventually learn to tackle with courage and a little bit of help.

Bill got sick of his life with them, so he made a plan for him and his brother to run away. One night in the heavy rain they packed their things and got on a bus, they didn't care where to, all they needed was to get away. When Bill woke up he saw the sign "Welcome To Zero Gravity Town" In the town they found a small shack in the woods and called it their new home. Since it's just the two of them they need to find jobs to help survive. Bill and Will discover an old beaten up journal with the number 3 on it.

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