The Psychology of Submission

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Female submission psychology beau mirchoff good trouble In BDSM, this altered reality usually takes place in the mind, although changes in the surrounding physical space can make a difference as well. This is why, for instance, people go out of their way to visit dungeons or set up private play rooms. These intentionally designed settings make it easier to get into the mood of an interaction -- to enter a psychological state where all the worries, cares, underlying thoughts, and emotions are stripped away, and your deepest, darkest fantasies can link reality. When we're talking about "subspace," we're talking about the specific psychological state of psycbology that the submissive partner or "sub" enters into during a scene with a dominant partner. In many ways, getting into a subspace follows many of the same steps of practicing basic mindfulness, and is not nearly as strange as it may sound.

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The most common practice when engaging in BDSM is the delegation of roles. submissive and dominant. Currently, male domination and female submission is the most common practice, but not by very much. Having dominant and submissive roles allows people to breach the margins of their social roles. For example, type-A personalities and Alpha males may actually experience psychological relief by handing their power and social dominance over to someone else, says Matthew Hutson of Psychology Today.

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Aug 29 2014 In 1973, it was believed that only men had sexual fantasies. In fact, Cosmo even opened up a feature article that same year with, "Women do not have sexual fantasies, period. Men do. Did you know that a man can show his orgasm face in a movie, and the movie can still be rated PG-13, but if a woman shows her orgasm face, the film is automatically bumped to R or NC-17?

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The Psychology of Dominance & Submission

"Are you submissive?" Sexual Role Play

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