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Dating hitchcock chairs my boyfriend left me for another girl will he come back Antique Wooden Chairs Defining Characteristics There are several things to look for when purchasing authentic Hitchcock chairs. Educating yourself on the defining characteristics of the furniture will help you determine if you are getting the real deal. Identifying Stencil The quickest and easiest way to spot an authentic chair from Hitchcock is by looking for the identifying stencil. The company stencil changed three times when the company itself evolved through different corporate partners and locations.

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Receive a free digital download of Antique Trader magazine when you sign up to receive our free e-newsletters. They are the small, rickety chairs with the rush or cane seats, usually painted black with a lot of leaves and flowers and fruit painted all over. Sometimes, they have solid seats that show a dark, natural wood surrounded by black paint and gold stripes and more leaves painted on the top of the back rail. Often, the chairs will have gold stripes and gold banding painted around the legs.

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They are now somewhat overwhelmed by orders from customers wanting restoration services on existing Hitchcock pieces, as well as requests for new ones, and are busy building up a new inventory. The start of a legacy The birth and growth of the Hitchcock Chair Co. In short, furniture maker Lambert Hitchcock, after apprenticing in Litchfield, Conn. He initially focused on unassembled chair kits. He had multiple showrooms and wholesale accounts with outlet stores across the country, while also shipping unassembled chairs to dozens of locations.

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