Tinder’s Days as a Hookup App May Be Over

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Dating app tinder catches fire dating sites you can login with facebook No hobbies, music or walks on the beach. Each potential match is presented as a card. Catcbes are four ways Tinder engages its calloused-fingered users. Prior to meeting her, I received very few messages from other women they were probably too intimidated. Do not meet in private with Greg the hockey player in the middle of the night.

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Tinder says it might soon have a fix for that specific issue. The dating app is testing a new feature aimed at connecting people who like to hang out in the same bars, restaurants, and other public places. The new product, aptly named "Places," will begin testing in cities in Australia and Chile today. The announcement comes a month after Facebook announced it too was testing a new dating product, which will allow users to connect with people who attend the same events. The move feels like a marked change for Tinder, which has been best-known for facilitating hookups since it launched in 2012.

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