“Are you ready to be the youth pastor’s wife?”

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Dating a youth pastor christian dating guidance How can I — a youth pastor — stop having sex with my girlfriend? Question I read your article about being enslaved by sexand I am a youth leader in the church. I have a girlfriend I have been with for two years, and we entered the church together.

I was single, young, male, not dating anyone, and found myself suddenly surrounded by people that dominated my social schedule…romantic dating just got a lot more complicated. That was back in 2004, and I am now married with two kids. So why am writing this particular blog entry? I know many youth ministers who are young and single I know many youth ministers of various ages and stages of committed relationships too, of course!

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I agree with the abuse of authority comments though. When I was a singles group leader, people on the leadership team were not permitted to date people in the group - even their own age - but it was of course an unwritten rule. This was people between 18 and 30. It was a huge sacrifice for some, but they willing made it to serve others. Even without physical relations, it is an abuse of authority.

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