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Dating a california man dating sites in erode I fall for men from California Hi Meredith, I'm not from Boston, but I've lived here on and off for the last decade and have come to really love this city. The problem is I can't seem to find a Boston guy that I like! I'm 29 and have been single for a couple years, since my last real 3-year relationship.

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What may seem easy to others, like making friends is similar to pulling teeth in Los Angeles. Many people are hiding who they truly are, due to trying to uphold to a facade and false self. The other people in LA are just secretive and private to a fault. Its hard to trust people in Los Angeles because people never reveal their intentions.

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By Amanda Jo Oct 1 2012 I was definitely born in the wrong era because trying to date in 2012, especially in Southern California, simply makes me want to cry. Forget phone calls and flowers, consider yourself lucky to get a text or even the time of day from a Cali guy.

Asking Hot Guys Why They're Single!

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