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Christian singleness sermons hookup dating sites canada Transcript Audio Transcript Go ahead and grab your Bibles. I want to start by saying the real purpose of our time together today, the purpose of this sermon, is to reorient our hearts, as marrieds and as singles, around what the Word of God has to say about singleness. Let me say right out of the gate that I needed a lot of help to write this sermon.

sermons on being single and satisfied

John Stott. Thinking and Preaching on Singleness The lifelong bachelor shares his wisdom on an often-neglected subject. Laura Leonard How many sermons have you heard or preached in the last year on marriage, children, parenting? And how many have been on singleness? If your experience is anything like mine, the disparity is probably pretty great. With the exception of a few strong singles ministries at the largest churches, single Christians often find their struggles—and blessings—neglected at the expense of the married couples and families.

Matt Chandler - What Hope Does God Give Lonely Singles?

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Culturally. The gospel "de-idolized" marriage, since culturally having children. formed ways to be remembered formed ways for inheritances to be maintained in a biological sense brought security to the aged "Single adult Christians were bearing testimony that God, not family, was their hope. Both of these motives are partially right, of course, but they tend to become ultimates if the gospel has not changed your mind and heart. Spouses can worship each other…Singles can worship autonomy and independence. Singles can look at marriage as a second-class Christian compromise with the sexual drive.

sermons on being single and satisfied

Singleness is a Gift from God - Save The Date #3

The UNTOLD truth About Singleness by TD Jakes

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Maybe you've slipped into the bitterness trap unaware. You have wanted to get married for some time now. You have even told God that you deserve to be happy and in love. But no matter how hard you've prayed, God doesn't seem to care. Offered as part of our resources for Christian singles, Jack Zavada uncovers three important reasons to avoid bitterness and then presents three steps to climb free from bitterness.