Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson pictured together for the first time on a dinner date in Malibu

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Chris martin dating best consumer rated dating site Martin and Paltrow announced their split in 2014, and have maintained a pretty amiable relationship over since, particularly when it comes to co-parenting their two children. Martin's since been romantically linked with actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Annabelle Wallis, though both rumoured couples reportedly called it quits. But what is the latest — who is Chris Martin dating now? Though the pair haven't officially discussed their relationship, they've been spotted on numerous outings.

What's more, the couple supposedly launched a string of blue balloons into the sky, which would typically indicate that a baby boy is expected. Except, well, maybe they aren't expecting at all. Johnson's publicist released a statement to Us Weekly denying that Johnson had a bun in the oven and said the party was simply a birthday celebration — which is possible, seeing as Johnson turned 29 the week before the shindig. TMZ said the rep had no explanation for the balloons. That said, the maybe-baby isn't the only unusual thing about Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson's relationship.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin spotted kissing during romantic date in LA

is chris martin still with dakota

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is chris martin still with dakota

Dakota Johnson Picks Up Hunky Shirtless Chris Martin While Hiking & It’s Kinda Hot - The Daily

how did chris martin and dakota johnson meet

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