Baby Boomers Are Using Internet Dating Websites – 10 Tips

Posted on by Voodootaur

Boomers and dating speed dating bendigo Linda Myers, 69, started online dating five years after her husband passed away. More baby boomers are clicking their way to true love. Apps like Tinder are popular among young people, researchers say, but there are more complex reasons why older singletons have gone online.

Hatvany, MFT With divorce rates higher than ever before and Baby Boomers hitting their 50s, 60s and up, more and more mature women are finding themselves single and facing the choice whether to go back into the dating pool or not. Social mores and the media do not make it easy for older women. While older men are still often conveyed as sexy and desirable, older women are usually given a shelf life.

Have you thought about turning to online dating? Before you write off online dating as an option just for younger people, wait just a second. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center , 55- to 64-year-olds have doubled in their online dating use since 2013.

Dating Over 60 at DatingOver60 org-Dating Advice for Baby Boomers and Seniors.

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