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By Earl Nightingale, 102 pages, published in 2007 book and in 1986 audio cassette Book chronicle and summary of Lead the Field. I am not going to write a biography — even a short one — for all the authors in my PMBA challenge. But Earl Nightingale seems to be a rather interesting personality, and atypical enough to warrant an exception. Earl Nightingale is a famous orator in the United States, and an example of what self education can do for someone who starts out with plenty of things going against him. Born in 1921, raised by his mother who was left alone with his two brothers, he grew up in a poor Los Angeles suburb in the middle of the depression. Wishing to understand why some people are poor and miserable and others are not, and not finding anyone in his acquaintance who could answer, he began his quest for answers and knowledge in the local library, which would lead him particularly to a study of philosophy, psychology and the great religions for decades.

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Via nursingworld. She pursued pediatric nursing and worked hard to improve the education system of nurses especially those in pediatric nursing field. Trivia. Before revolutionizing nursing education, nurses in the US were trained through hospital-based diplomas. These diploma programs were designed to immediately meet nursing demands in short-staffed hospitals and not primarily for formal education. Virginia Ohlson Via news.

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