Big Baller Brand receives an F from Better Business Bureau

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Better business bureau los angeles when a guy pays for everything By Alina Tugend Nov. Like most people, I saw the century-old institution as a helpful tool for consumers. But then I wrote an article about a slightly dodgy company that many people reported problems with. And I started wondering. Just those three rating services alone give millions of people information about millions of companies every year.

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The Better Business Bureau BBB is a non-profit organization designed to protect customer and business relationships by informing customers of business complaints and attempting to resolve disputes between customers and businesses. In some cases, a business may feel that accusations of misrepresentation or faulty products may be unfounded. When a business believes a consumer complaint is unfair, sometimes inaction is its best choice. Do Nothing Although the Better Business Bureau can receive and report complaints, it cannot force a judgment on a company or require it to resolve the dispute, even if the business is accredited by the BBB and is a dues-paying member.

Business Owners Ripped Off by Better Business Bureau

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A mortgage broker charged by federal regulators with discriminating against minority borrowers. A financial firm accused in an ongoing federal lawsuit of preying on seniors. A medical testing company that settled charges of paying kickbacks to doctors.

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