Get an extended look at Zac Efron as Ted Bundy in this new Netflix trailer

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Are we dating yet trailer best online dating chat rooms The threequel brandishes the nifty title, John Wick. Chapter 3 — Parabellum. For those of you who didn't take Latin, "parabellum" means "prepare for war. Advertisement John Wick 3 Trailer In this new clip, John lives up to his other famous attribute, that of a dog lover, when he realizes that his current Excommunicado status in the assassin underworld would all but guarantee harm to his new dog — who he never bothered to name. Thus, using some secret society mojo, John does the right thing and has his dog sent to a safe place for the dog, not Johnthe Continental Hotel, where concierge Charon Lance Reddick enjoyed taking care of the pooch in the last film.

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Continuing the story from the first movie, It. Chapter 2 slickly moves the action 27 years on from the first It movie as the team battle the demons of the many-faced monster as adults. Jessica Chastain is Beverley, damn it! Uh, and indeed, oh.

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