Board Game Commercials 80's and 90's

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90s board games commercials cooking dating show Don't Wake Daddy is pretty much the board 990s simulator of such events, as you must make your way to the fridge without waking your father. If you land on a spot with a number, you must press the alarm clock button that number of times, potentially waking your father up and having him send you back to your room at the beginning. Unfortunately, winning the game doesn't result in actually getting any snacks, so it's almost better to just play this in real life once the parents were asleep. My question about the game. what's the backstory as to where these children's mother is? It was originally released in the late 80s, but was played by 90s kids.

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Share on Facebook With new technology and video games, kids today are turning to small screens for their entertainment. But not so long ago you'll recall a time when board games were all the rage. With just a catchy jingle and footage of some kids enjoying some healthy competition, commercials would entice thousands of youngsters to bug their parents for the latest board game.

Board Game Commercials 80's and 90's (11-20)

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