Thought Catalog: Why I Won't Pull My Pieces, Despite the Outrage

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Thought catalog books publishing speed dating events burlington ontario To younger passersby, the words were immediately recognizable publishng the logo of the popular millennial-themed website, whose staff, past and click contributors and friends were celebrating the site's fifth anniversary across the street. Waiters carted around hors d'oeuvres as bloggers and online media elite gawked at potted plants, decorative typewriters and what looked to be a real taxidermied bear. And around 10 p. On February 1, 2015, Thought Catalog had 1 million visitors.

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Should I pull my articles too? I thought about it for a second and decided no, absolutely not. Before I tell you why, I should first provide some context regarding my association with the site. But I write because I want to and because I feel I have something to say, not because I need it to eat.

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Overview What does Thought Catalog Books stand for? Thought Catalog Books merges the best aspects of self-publishing speed, creative control with the best aspects of traditional publishing houses resources, scale.

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