1956 Kay Rhythm Special k8911 Kelvinator headstock! Sunburst, Beautiful and rare guitar! OHSC

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Kay kelvinator guitar charlie online dating episode Before long, Fritz found himself becoming a key player in bringing the funky-chic brand back from continue reading dead. If Kay is a new name to you, one thing you should know is that, at one point in the 1950s, it was among the biggest manufacturers of guitars in the world, building instruments under a variety of names and at a wide range of price points. In fact, Kay was actually the first to mass produce an electric guitar—a flattop acoustic instrument with a transducer—long before Fender and Gibson became household names.

According to my records, that model got the new "THIN-LITE" neck with adjustable truss rod in 1962; before that the neck was simply "steel-reinforced". From the 1962 Kay catalog. - features full master size 17 x 42"... Celluloid-bound, oval rosewood fingerboard with nickel silver frets. Adjustable rosewood bridge. Shaded mahogany finish with golden highlights, beautifully hand-rubbed and polished to a deep gleaming luster.

Demonstration, 1959 Kay Upbeat Guitar

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Kay Upbeat Semi Guitar, late 50's - Demonstrated by Paul Brett

1964 Kay K755 Jazz II - Sunburst / GuitarPoint Maintal / Vintage Guitars

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