John Krasinski & Emily Blunt Reflect On ‘A Quiet Place’ And The New Perspective Of Its Sequel

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John krasinski wife a quiet place pa divorce laws marital assets Emily Assiran By J. Nearly 20 years into his career, Krasinski had directed other features Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, The Hollars and held his own acting opposite formidable co-stars. So Blunt suggested that he focus on a single expectation for the screening. Still, he had good reason to be anxious at the screening. With A Quiet Place, he made a horror movie for grown-ups, exploding the genre by eschewing gore, deploying silence as an instrument of suspense and focusing on familial love. Their firstborn, Hazel, was 2 at the time.

The film has been the runaway horror hit of the year, and Kransinki is already at work writing a sequel. Could you have predicted this? My god! We treated it like a neat little indie movie; it felt like an indie movie. Paramount Pictures Blunt. It has been overwhelmingly exciting for me to see people watch this film and have their hair blown backwards by it.

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