From farmers to salad toppings: 26 weirdly niche dating sites

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Dating websites for felons dating profiles for sale Not to worry. An explosion of niche dating sites is making it possible for picky date-seekers to find, well, just about anyone. There are sites for people who want to cheat on their spouses, meet inmates, date British guys, hook up with fellow cat lovers and find people who share their health problems or tastes in music. The options — and the level of specificity — are mind-boggling.

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Print this article The dating website features a picture of a happy couple as the first thing website users see when they arrive at the "Trump Dating" site. Screenshot Trump. Dating, a new website that aims to connect heterosexual singles who support President Trump, used the picture of a man convicted of indecent liberties with a child as its primary image on the company's homepage.

Dr. Phil Meets "I'm Addicted to Dating Criminals"

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parolee dating site

Looking for love online? See which dating site is best for you

'I'm Dating Seven Convicted Felons'

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