If it's not aliens, what are those 'peculiar signals' from red dwarf star Ross 128?

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Dating a dwarf reddit dating a very quiet man Well, look at history …" In the 1960s, recalls Shostak, the British found a pulsing source of radio signals in the sky, and for a while they called them "LGMs," Little Green Men. But it turned out they were pulsars, a rapidly spinning neutron star, the continue reading of a more massive star. They look like a light blinking, not an alien winking. So what could explain the radio signals that appear to be coming from the red dwarf star, Ross 128?

Dark matter makes up most of the mass of the Universe, yet it remains elusive. Depending on its properties, it can be densely concentrated at the centres of galaxies, or more smoothly distributed over larger scales. By comparing the distribution of dark matter in galaxies with detailed models, researchers can test or rule out different dark matter candidates.

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