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Actors in victoria dating hottest celebrity couples 2018 And it was a good time to be on Nickelodeon, as the 2000s were truly the golden age of the popular kids' network with its wacky sitcoms about young people. But starring on a major TV series by the age of 15, as Justice did, is no small feat and it certainly isn't easy. Thankfully Justice was rewarded for her efforts with a slew of kudos, like three Kids' Choice Awards nominations. While appearing on Victorious, Justice also stayed busy with a pop music career before going on victoriia score some voice work and guest-star gigs. However, she's definitely not as visible as she once was during the early 2010s … and here's why.

Pauly has yet to find love, so will teaming up with his best friend Vinny and filling a house with 20 beautiful women help him find the one thing missing from his life? Instead, he wrote a book about his experiences, became an advocate, entered the world of politics and embraced a keto lifestyle. Now, the only thing missing in Vinny's life is someone to share it with. Will his best friend and wingman Pauly help him meet the woman of his dreams? She also bears an uncanny resemblance to Pauly's ex Aubrey O'Day.

Of course, the show on everybody's lips right now is The Cry. It's got some serious talent in it, with the lead role being played by homegrown superstar Jenna Coleman. Having played many a romantic lead in the past, one might wonder, does art imitate life and if so, who is Jenna Coleman dating? Any die-hard Victoria fans will be pretty excited and let out a super loud "aaaawwww" when they learn that Coleman, who plays a young Queen Vic on the show, is dating her on-screen husband Prince Albert , aka Tom Hughes, and apparently, they fell for each other on set.

Victoria, Season 2: Cast Takes Fan Questions

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