Why People are Moving to Fort Worth Instead of Dallas

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Should i live in fort worth or dallas dating sites cambodia With affordable housing, a job canberra sites bubbling with opportunity, easier commutes and a mellower vibe, it is little wonder why people are choosing Cow Town over its neighbor to the east. Restaurants, childcare, and most groceries are also cheaper in Fort Worth. Employment Opportunities Employment opportunities abound in this Texas town, which is consistently hailed as one of the best cities to find work in the country. Better Traffic Like any other large city, Fort Worth has its share of congestion. But Dallas!

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But don't confuse the two. Fort Worth is the 16th largest city in the United States, and it actually came before Dallas. As you're about to see, Fort Worth is a city all its own, with plenty to offer the aspiring Texan. If you are thinking about moving to Fort Worth, your friends here at Bellhops have you covered we're movers in Fort Worth , by the way.

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You're in good company—in 2017, Dallas was the fastest growing city in the US , with approximately 300,000 US citizens packing up their bags and heading to the Big D. In 2017, Dallas also had the second highest rate of job growth just after Atlanta. The city is booming in all sorts of ways right now, with an active downtown revitalization and an explosion of all types of cultural activities—microbreweries, film festivals, and more.

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I don't mean to hijack the thread but I am also looking into moving to the DFW area. When you said there's less diversity...