Jessica Alba's 'Into The Blue'

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Paul walker and jessica alba movies knights of columbus dating The sexy star talks about hanging in the Bahamas and her barely there wardrobe for Into the Blue. By Jeff Otto Jessica Alba has really come into her own in the past year. She is the latest tough girl of choice, with starring roles in Sin City and Fantastic Four.

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In "The Fantastic Four", she plays Sue Storm, who becomes the Invisible Girl, and with her upcoming film, "Into The Blue", Alba plays Sam, a shark conductor at an amusement park, who goes looking for gold at the bottom of the ocean with her boyfriend Jared, played by Paul Walker. In speaking with blackfilm. Godfrey Powell. How was Paul Walker, pretty boy?

Into the Blue (5/11) Movie CLIP - What's Missing in Your Life? (2005) HD

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Into the Blue (2005) Escape Scene [HD] -Part 09 - Paul Walker,Jessica Alba

Paul Walker & Jessica Alba on Sunday Morning Shootout - Sept. 25, 2005

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