Netflix's 'The Last Summer' hasn't even heard of a real teenager

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Maia mitchell movies on netflix interracial dating sites 2016 It's a time for goodbyes to old friends, last ditch hometown flings, and the crumbling security of adolescence as decisions about the future creep closer, kn teens of a certain age into finding themselves. Mostly, it's pretty boring! And for a movie just as much an homage to high school's end as it is to the city of Chicago, it's a white, privileged look at the city, for the most part.

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So, what's up with The Last Summer? Out now, the new teen rom-com has all the bones of a decent high school drama. Teeming with emerging Hollywood stars and topically tied to the approaching summer vacation, The Last Summer chronicles a senior class's final months together before heading off to college. It's the perfect stage for a farewell to adolescence, tale of self-discovery, or story of seasonal romance — all narratives The Last Summer tackles in its many interwoven plots, and then pumps full of characters more unbelievable than the cancellation of Santa Clarita Diet. The "teenage" cast shares an average age of 24, their wardrobes are more expensive than your car, their cars cost more than a typical annual salary, and absolutely no one knows how to text.

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