It's 2018 and guess who might be back together?

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Is robert pattinson and kristen stewart dating 2018 speed dating guam In fact, Pattinson said the only reason he even auditioned for Click here was because he wanted to meet Kristen after watching her in that movie, in which she played a young, attractive underage desert hobo. Apparently Pattinson nailed it, because afterwards Stewart insisted the part go xnd him. Sorry Dave Franco. Stewco was just never meant to be.

Not sure what that 'thing' is... Just in case you've forgotten how dare you Rob, 32, and Kristen, 28 - also known as "Robsten" - first met on the set of Twilight way back in 2008. It was right around this time that rumours emerged that some of Bella and Edward's chemistry had spilled off-screen, but in March 2009, Kristen was still dating actor Michael Angarano, 30, and dismissing reports she and Rob were actually together. Just two months later though, Rob and Kristen teased fans at the MTV Movie Awards with an almost-kiss, and looked especially cosy holding hands.

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Kristen Stewart Speaks On Reunion With Robert Pattinson Rumors, With Girlfriend Stella Maxwell

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