Accommodative Monetary Policy

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Accommodating dictionary meaning iranian singles australia Common modifications include extending the amount of time students are given to complete a test, reducing the number of test items, having someone else write down test answers, or listening to questions read aloud by text-to-speech conversation software. Students who are still learning the English language are also eligible for accommodations such as bilingual glossaries or test questions presented in their native language. The accommodations may apply to both standardized tests administered continue reading large populations of students, including high-stakes tests used to make important decisions about students, and to the assessments that accommodating dictionary meaning use to evaluate what students have learned in a particular course. The general goal of providing testing accommodations is to create a level playing field for students whose disabilities or language abilities may adversely affect their ability to show on a test what they have learned. A few obvious examples include offering Braille-based exams to blind students, providing written rather than oral instructions to deaf students, or making a testing location wheelchair accessible for wheelchair-bound students.

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Updated Jan 26, 2018 What is an Accommodative Monetary Policy Accommodative monetary policy occurs when a central bank such as the Federal Reserve attempts to expand the overall money supply to boost the economy when growth is slowing as measured by GDP. The policy is implemented to allow the money supply to rise in line with national income and the demand for money. Accommodative monetary policy is also known as "easy monetary policy" or "loose credit policy. It does this by running a succession of decreases in the Federal funds rate , making the cost of borrowing cheaper.

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