Yellowstone Supervolcano Is Only The 21st Most Dangerous In America

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Supervolcano yellowstone 2018 best cities for dating in your 40s Knowledge gained from two centuries of scientific research and observations June 24, 2019 Have you ever wondered why geysers are rare and what causes them to erupt? And why scientists study geysers? The English word geyser is derived from Geysir, a name given by Icelanders in the seventeenth century to an intermittently discharging hot spring in southwest Iceland.

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Yellowstone National Park, seen here steaming away in the winter months. In 2005, it was popularized by a docu-drama produced by the BBC and the Discover Channel that focused on the consequences of a supereruption event taking place at Yellowstone. According to the United States Geological Survey USGS , a supervolcano is any volcanic center that has explosively erupted at least 1,000 cubic kilometers 240 cubic miles of fresh volcanic material in a sudden, violent manner — in a so-called supereruption — often producing a huge depression crater named a caldera. This rules out flood basalts , large effusions of lava that can spend a million years or so scorching the earth and massively altering the climate.

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What are the 20 other volcanoes experts predict are more threatening? While the Yellowstone supervolcano gets quite a lot of press, there are many more dangerous volcanoes, including 18 that are considered "very high" threat by the United States Geological Survey.

This Will Happen When Yellowstone Erupts

yellowstone volcano activity

Something is rocking the massive supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park. Thanks to a recent earthquake swarm, the Yellowstone supervolcano has seen upwards of 200 quakes since February 8, along with countless smaller tremors.




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