GUIDE: How to shop at Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens

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Rite aid card registration crown heights singles shabbaton A national pharmacy chain that has failed to wow Wall Street investors for years now muddled through its latest fiscal year with signs of small sales growth in its 2,470 stores, but still hard times when it comes to turning a profit in a changing retail and drug distribution marketplace. While same-store sales and prescription numbers ticked up slightly on a year-to-year basis in the business year ending March 2, the East Pennsboro-Twp. Rite Aid is still in a period of retrenchment after two failed merger attempts and the subsequent sale of about half its stores to Walgreens in 2017. The corporation announced the layoff of some 400 employees this winter, and is searching for a new CEO.

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Comparing drugstore card perks. Rite-Aid vs. CVS vs. We looked at three nationwide chain drugstores to decipher their rewards programs and let you in on the potential perks and pitfalls.

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