The 19 Best Reasons Why You Need To Date An Engineer

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Perks of dating a mechanic austin worst city for dating They are the first person you call when your car has the hiccups or when it's on its death bed. However, sometimes mechanics get the short end of the stick when getting chosen for dating material, but that's something that needs to change. I'm gonna give you five main reasons why dating a mechanic can be hectic but also very rewarding. They don't have time to cheat. I speak from experience when I say I've perke the short end of the stick in past relationships with guys who cheated because they had too much time on their hands.

However, they aren't always the first in line for a date if you compare them to doctors or lawyers. But that's something that needs to change. With so many cars on the road, and people keeping their older cars for longer than ever, there isn't a shortage of vehicle issues for mechanics to work on. While this makes the mechanic's working life more difficult, it allows the significant other some peace of mind knowing that between work and sleep, there is very little time for extra-relationship activities.

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Mar 31 2014 Remember that nerdy, smart kid in your classes in junior high and high school? He was kind of shy, on the honor roll and was afraid of approaching girls?

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