One Christian Guy’s Advice – How to Turn a Guy Down Gracefully

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How to say no to a christian guy julian morris height weight Rejecting love is never easy, nor romantic. In fact, unwanted attention from some fellow is often a very delicate and difficult road to navigate; it is riddled with more potholes than a Kansas country road. It ought to ghy a great comfort to us that our God has promised to give us wisdom and all that we need for life and godliness 2 Peter 1.3.

how to let a guy down easy after leading him on

Question What do you do if a guy asks you out, and you do not think that you are interested in a relationship with him? Whether it is because he seems spiritually immature, he is not going the same direction as you, or you do not see him as more than a friend. Do you go on a first date to give him a chance and see if something changes from there? Answer This is a good question that presents a dilemma I hear about a lot.

Christian Guys On Dating/Singleness- Waiting For Your Pursuer

Now as I originally requested I'd like the women to answer that question because I think they know more about it then we do. So ladies, if you have been friends with a guy for a while does he typically get put in the zone of a friend with no chance of anything more ever happening? And if so how long does it take to get there.

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