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Dating in shanghai expat asian girl from hily dating app Our online editor Mark Angus shares with us his experiences of living in Shanghai and how having a Chinese girlfriend enriched his life and enhanced his understanding of Chinese culture When I first moved to Shanghai in 2007, It was never my intention to find myself a partner. However, that all changed rather quickly. Anyone who has ever been badgered into doing something by a Shanghainese woman will appreciate the barrage I was under, and so unsurprisingly I click. Anyway, I really wanted to do my best to experience fully Daating life, and dating seemed as good a way as any as doing this.

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Of course, this isn't the case for every Western woman in China, many whom are already married and just tagging along on their husband's expat package. But for the most part, finding a suitable mate here is not at all as easy nor fun as back home, as the odds are simply against us. Most everyone knows by now that Western men are god-like figures in China, attracting hoards of local women who are drawn to their masculine appearances and dominant personalities in comparison to the average effeminate, small-sized Chinese men.

Confessions of a Female Expat in China

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Confusing, I know, like most Asian-Americans, it took me years to figure out what the difference was between race, ethnicity, heritage, and nationality. My father was born in China while my grandfather was an officer in the Nationalist army. When the Communists took over and my family fled to Taiwan, he was 3 years old at the time.

Why Being Single in China is AWESOME

What’s It Like Being A Foreigner In China? - ASIAN BOSS

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