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Christian serratos walking dead harry potter mobile game dating And on a series like The Walking Dead, with a legacy of brutally killing off characters since Season 1, we can expect a lot of turnover. But by the time AMC hit is done with its ninth season, it seems the series will have experienced a huge upheaval. Here are all the actors that might be jumping ship — and the one that seems likely sedratos stick around page 7. By the end of Season 8, he was one of only two actors remaining who appeared in the very first episode.

A self—described "girly—girl" from Los Angeles, she made her name in lighthearted roles, first starring as a catty tween in three seasons of Nickelodeon's Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, then appearing as the bookish and soft—spoken Angela Weber in all four Twilight films. She looked the part of Rosita—just compare her to the comic book version—but it was hard to imagine Serratos covered in the dirt and sweat and zombie guts of rural Georgia. A year later, it's clear she was the right choice for the role. Fighting through the zombie apocalypse in a tank top and short—shorts, Serratos has imbued the character with the tough—talking yet kindhearted spirit readers of the comic expected.

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Seriously, what the hell is up with Rosita on The Walking Dead? If anyone's begging for a bashing from Lucille... We don't like to wish ill on anyone, even fictional characters, but remember when The Walking Dead's Rosita was part of Negan's line-up? Well, we're starting to wish she'd ended up as one of Lucille's victims.

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