Solid Wood Amish Dining Furniture

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Amish online canada glitter stamping polish What makes a quilt Amish? Amish quilts were discovered and popularized as art pieces reminiscent of abstract impressionist paintings continue reading Mark Rothko and Josef Albers by the New York couple Jonathan Holstein and Gail van der Hoof in the early 1970s. They had begun collecting, hanging the quilts in their home, and displaying them in public, popularizing the objects as works of art. This led to a 1978 feature article in Home and Garden Magazine and the trend was begun. Demand for the quilts soon outstripped the ability of Amish women to produce them, so other means were found.

My Cart Our Story In late 1997, one of our partners was shopping for a dining room set and noticed the sets in the big box stores were all cheaply made and used inferior wood substitutes. He did some research and discovered a thriving furniture industry in the Shipshewana Indiana area. He found they produced solid wood pieces using time proven construction methods, exactly the quality furniture he was looking for. He purchased an Amish made dining set and returned home to Michigan. After many dinner guests complimented him on the set and asked where he had purchased it, he realized there was an untapped market for quality furniture in Southeast Michigan.

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