Xena: Warrior Princess ended 15 years ago - Where are the cast now?

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Xena and gabrielle today dating an istj male As one of the first shows to feature strong female protagonists, the Hercules spin-off was extremely progressive. Following the finale, she decided to start her own production company, ROC Pictures. In 2017 she acted in A Question of Faith, an upcoming film that is still in post-production. Raimi joined the cast of Xena. Warrior Princess in 1996 as Joxer. His brother, Sam Raimi was a producer on the show at the time.

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Copy Link Copied 17 Xena was meant to be killed off on Hercules Although Xena eventually became more popular than Hercules, the spin-off was not planned from the beginning. Xena was meant to serve as an antithesis to Hercules. Producer Rob Tapert wanted a dark and tragic figure to contrast with the optimistic straight arrow Hercules. Xena was supposed to appear in three episodes of Hercules and die at the end of her arc. However, at the same time, producers were looking for a potential spin-off, and they were impressed with Xena when her three-part arc began.

Gabrielle Is Wounded by A Poisoned Arrow - Xena: Warrior Princess

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Fans consider the American-made, New Zealand-based TV program, which ran from 1995 to 2001, groundbreaking not only for having two butt-kicking female leads but for its feminist sensibilities, its hints of a lesbian relationship between its main characters and its inclusion of actors from visible minorities. Lawless — who went on to other notable roles in shows like Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus and Ash vs. This is an edited version of the conversation. When Xena first started, what was your sense of exactly what you were getting yourself into? I had no idea how popular the show would be.

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Xena: Warrior Princess Cast - Then and Now 2019

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